Terms & Conditions.

All workshops will be held at the address of 339 Jan Smuts, unless stated otherwise. The workshops will be conducted in a professional manner and we will not tolerate misconduct from any candidates. Please note that lecturers are allowed to use their own discretion to change or adjust the workshop, while still staying within the software.

Payment Method
Note that payment should be made in full before the commencement of the workshop. All proof of payment needs to be sent via email or whatsapp, to the contact details previously provided.

Code of Conduct
Please note that any form of misconduct will not be tolerated during the duration of the workshop. Any form of misconduct will be dealt with accordingly. Anyone found guilty of theft will face legal action unless the goods are returned.

Any candidate found guilty of intentionally or recklessly damaging to property, will be held liable to replace the damaged goods or pay for any damages caused.

Lastly please ensure that you bring your own food, as no food will be provided at the said venue.

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