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Our fees Learn To Design Logos Cover

Learn To Design Logos with Adobe InDesign
Learn how to design logos from start to finish. We teach you where to draw inspiration from in order to improve and constantly develop your designs.

With this course, you will learn the essential tools of Logo design, how to mix colours and apply them, how to use the pen tool, how to find high-resolution images and much more.

Price: Was R200.00  Now R99.00
Learn To Design Social Media Banners

Learn To Design Social Media Banners with Adobe InDesign
Social Media is becoming one of the most prominent ways to  market your product or service. It is cost-effective and has the potential to reach a large audience.

This course teaches you how to design unique banners for your clients and yourself.

Price: Was R200.00  Now R99.00
Learn To Design Inter-active PDF Cover

Learn to Design Inter-active PDFs with Adobe InDesign
With the world moving towards digital and away from print, there is no better time to learn how to design digital forms that are professional and accessible. You could learn the basic tools for animation, animating buttons and much more.

Price: Was R200.00  Now R99.00
Learn To Design Cool Flyers Cover

Learn To Design Flyers with Adobe InDesign
We supply you with templates to practice and develop your new skills and step by step instructions on how each template was designed. We also show how to convert the flyer to PDF for your client.

This course teaches you style sheets, paragraph and character styles, gradients, strokes and more.

Price: Was R200.00  Now R99.00
Course Bundle Learn to design
Learn To Design Bundle with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop
We want to ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skill to take the marketing world by storm. This all-encompassing bundle at the affordable price of R299 includes, how to design a logo, social media banners, inter-active PDFs, flyers.
Price: Was R600.00  Now R299.00
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